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Wagons with Whiskey Go Gos @ The Corner Hotel 8/06/09

June 8, 2009

What an interesting crowd. I hate it when people say that there was a “varied crowd” at a show but this time it’s kind of true. There were was anyone from hipsters to grandmothers here. Fucking grandmothers. I didn’t know Wagons had such a broad appeal and as the elitist fuck (you know who you are, you beret wearing douchebag) behind me pointed out, “I can’t believe they sold out The Corner”. To be fair I’m only a relatively new fan so what the hell would I know about their audience? Also didn’t know they kicked so much arse live, but first I should mention Whiskey Go Gos.

They were good fun; reminded me a little of an Australian Kings of Leon, back when Kings Of Leon were interesting. Maybe a little bit of The Vasco Era could be seen in them as well. Just think sort of bluesy rock with some good hooks and a bit of an accent. The lead singer was running up and down stage and hitting himself in the head while shouting into the microphone while the bass player remained calm while giving their songs a bit of an edge. An extremely energetic set from these guys and I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked up some new fans at this show.

Wagons came out with a 6 piece band and put on a fantastic show. Their setlist revolved mostly around new album The Rise and Fall of Goodtown, which I was happy with since I’m a newcomer and everything. Henry Wagons seemed like a funny guy too, stopping after almost every song to offer a little anecdote or to complain about various things, or bands members in an amusing and charismatic way. It’s surprising that such a deep, commanding and American voice came from this seemingly average, tiny bit geeky, Australian guy.

The rest of the band were in fine form and had intensity that I had never seen in a “country” band before. For a few tracks the “man choir” came on stage to provide some very manly backup vocals and drink beers. The band also pulled out a couple of older tracks that were great too including the hilarious Australian hip-hop parody, “The Business” carried out by two enigmatic members of the band. “Goodtown” was highlight for me as it is one of the best songs of the year, and seeing them all play this ironic take on “seachange” story made a lot of people smile. I’m surprised and upset I’d never really heard of Wagons before but seeing as they will be back in a few weeks I’m going to try and hit up a couple more shows as they are just that good.


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  1. Philippe permalink
    June 8, 2009 11:27 pm

    Henry Wagons is the most funniest dude on a music stage at the moment!


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