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The Art Of The Band T-Shirt (2007)

June 9, 2009

art of the band t-shirt

I made a vow to myself just recently to only buy band shirts for the foreseeable future.

Well actually that’s a lie. But i nearly did make that vow after reading this insightful book, and will be buying more band T-shirts than before.

But what if I did? Is there a risk of being some elite hipster? Would I have a slight bit more savvy than the next person at the next gig I attend? Well I can’t in the first instance say that I am that savvy as a book reader, as I thought The Art Of The Band T-Shirt was a new hip fashionista book brought out in the last few months. Turns out this book came out in 2007. There goes any credibility I had on the uptake of these things. Getting back to the subject at hand here though, it’s clear to see that when seeing a new band shirt at the merch desk or in a store, you get that spark of uber coolness glint in your eye A certain fashoinista element to it all that really outlines your passion for a band – well, actually that’s another lie kind of – just look at all those Ramones shirts worn buy kids who have no idea they were a band.

This book explores the interesting evolution of it all from it’s small humble beginnings as part of a special pressie for being on Elvis’ mailing list to the more evocative designs of using stamps for T-Shirts by Gang Gang Dance. Shirt images from artists as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Panters, Madonna, Morrissey, The White Stripes, and the Flaming Lips, are contained here each with some well researched info about the designs. The two authors of the book, Amber Easby (who has worked for The White Stripes as their merchandiser) & Henry Oliver (former member of Die! Die! Die!) really show their passion and care for this subject for this intriguing music fashion statement.

If you are interested in music, fashion, or art associated with fashion associated with music (or any other combination of those), you’ll like this book.

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  1. illrockmerch permalink
    October 2, 2009 12:04 am

    right on man..been wearing em since i was 13, still wearing em at 27. Check out the illrockmerch website for some good rock shirts.

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