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Jessica Says

June 11, 2009

Jessica Says
Jessica Says is a young (21) Melbourne singer-songwriter who has played and sang with the likes of Grand Salvo and Jens Lekman and she has recently released her own solo album. Mostly she sticks to piano and string arrangements and on “The Sleeping One Beside Me” she builds a gorgeous arrangement that builds and swirls around her melodies. On this one the piano is absent but the wall of strings she has going, with some subtle plucking, make it a dark and lovely pop song. Her voice quavers and is sometimes barely more than a whisper but she wraps it around the instruments with such skill and finesse it’s hard not to be caught up in her words.

“His Mother’s Ring” works with a strong piano line the again builds and matches Jessica’s vocal inflections and melodies. The strings provide a backdrop and give a great emotional depth as Jessica avoids singing  to the beat instead using her vocal and piano to steadily build and dismantle her rhythm. Violin lifts and soars as if part of a different song completely but everything is all tied together by the beautiful vocals and lyrics. She can also write some damn good hooks and no doubt she will be gaining a lot of recognition within Melbourne (at least) this year. I hear she is playing Castle Tones too.

“The Sleeping One Beside Me” mp3
“His Mother’s ring” mp3

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