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The Hangover (2009)

June 15, 2009


Going to Vegas, getting really fucked up on drugs and alcohol, throwing your guts out on the floor, and also throwing bed mattresses out of hotel windows. Sounds like a fun night out, doesn’t it? Todd Phillips, who has worked on Road Trip, Old School, and Starsky & Hutch has emulated his funny once more in the form of a movie that will be very familiar to those who have had a big night out.

The Hangover is one of those movies which details the day of three blokes who have one hell of a bender on a groom’s bachelor night. What results the next morning are blurred memories, a missing tooth and a Siberian tiger in a $4000 a night Las Vegas villa. Oh and of course a missing groom. What results is a cavalcade of events which gets you laughing out loud at hugely gross out moments. One scene in particular featuring an Asian business man stereotype – who is naked – whacking the three main characters with a crow bar. It makes you just think “what the…?”. Well, in actual fact there are many moments that are just that in this film. Mike Tyson singing to Phil Collins is yet another one of them. All are events which try to put together one hell of a weird night and figure out where the hell their groom is – as there’s a wedding to be had the next day.

The whole adventure is amusing as you see the guys cringe from embarrassment as they learn the events of the past night throughout. The only drawback from the film is that I found the whole experience too blokey, and actually quite demeaning to women in that they are portrayed as either nagging naysayers or dumb objects. I thought we got over this kind of crap in major film releases a long time ago? In any case, The Hangover is enjoyable enough to spend a mindless hour or so of silly humour in a cinema.


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