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Jamie Hutchings – His Imaginary Choir (2009)

June 21, 2009

his imaginary choir

The frontman for Bluebottle Kiss seems to never be resting with output. Last year Jamie Hutchings released an EP entitled After The Flood and the year before got himself involved in a huge project for Bluebottle Kiss putting out a double album and attempting to fit a massive 20+ piece band on stage for a brief tour around the East Coast. As of late he has taken to the other side of the spectrum personnel wise with this, his second solo album. Enlisting the help of Tony Dupe (who has worked with Holly Throsby and undertakes some very soundtrack-y post rock sounds himself as Saddleback), as well as other family members, this album shines through as a troubadour’s album. A musical journey that, to my ears, enlists the times and lives of the lonely traveller.

The album is permeated with some nice backing lady choir voices in various songs which echo a sense of friendly camp around the fire. You know – those singalong type of deals. The call and response ending to “You Don’t Dream” displays this very sincerely and kind of overflows the song with a certain calmness. In fact, the album is prevelant in this natural calm state. “After The Flood” (which was also on the aforementioned EP) brings out some nice sauntering country honky tonk piano which takes a leaf out of the how-to-be-the-lonely-guy-singing-to-himself-in-the-corner-of-a-saloon vibe. “Flamethrower” also brings a nice touch of balladry emotion to the album as well.

His Imaginary Choir is one of those perfect albums to play in the car on a long trip through the country side somewhere. This is something which Dupe has definitely had is hand in doing, being a rural lad and all. All for the better for this enjoyable album to listen to. Tunes for when you want to get away from that dreaded hustle bustle.

Jamie Hutchings myspace

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