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Good Winter

June 23, 2009

bon iver
Bon Iver (and his band) made his way onto mixtapes everywhere last year with his heartbreaking indie folk style, great sense of melody and song. His debut album received a lot of love from virtually everywhere and it mostly struck a chord with me but nothing from it is as good as the song he recorded for this year’s Dark Was the Night compilation.

“Brackett, WI” is a bit different from his previous work and takes on fuller sound with fantastic arrangements and production. A beautiful  bass line works effortlessly to sync with glorious melodies provided by magically double tracked vocals.  Justin breaks out the falsetto with a chorus of backup singers briefly, only for the song to again fall back into the familiar rhythm provided by the quiet drums and the simple, yet, astounding bass. It all melds together into a chorus of harmonies but it’s that bass, with this just fantastic tone, that takes centre stage over all the strings, guitar and backing singers. It it is the forefront of a fantastic soundscape and a brilliant song.

“Brackett, WI” mp3
Dark was the Night Compilation (It’s for a good cause and stuff)

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