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Wolf & Cub @ Corner Hotel (Melbourne) with The Scare and Pets with Pets 26.06.09

June 29, 2009


Opening the night was Collingwood’s own ( a fact they made sure everyone knew) Pets with Pets, a raucous mess of noise made from one man on drums and the other with squawking vocals, disorganised guitar and keyboard. A vast improvement on what I had seen of them in the past, Pets with Pets still manage to divide the crowd, those who see them as these crazy, innovative noise pop musicians or those who just see them as two crazy boys that make a lot of racket. The duo have a clear carelessness, which can both attracted and detract an audience, and the Corner was definitely divided.


I have seen The Scare several times before, each time blowing me away even more so than the last, well tonight was no exception at all, this show was one of the finest I have seen the quintet play. Their set consisted of new songs found on their soon to be released sophomore album, oozevoodoo, including the most recent single ‘No Money’, a song that had many in the crowd singing along to vocalist Kiss Reid dark and haunting vocals. There is a strong, brutal energy this band always manages to exhume, through their powerful stage present and their uncompromising-yet-catchy songs.  Crowd-pleaser from their first album, ‘Bats! Bats! Bats!’ broke up the set of new songs, and once again found Kiss in the crowd and sauntering around, looking for victims to pull to the ground.

Then of course was Wolf and Cub and their psychedelic dance songs. The live renderings of the songs from Science and Sorcery  truly shone and took on a life of their own. With the guitar distorted, the bass loud and the two drum kits rolling constantly, the quartet’s performance  eclipsed the already powerful versions you can hear on the album, with ‘What Are They Running’ and ‘Seven Sevens’ great for getting your dance on. But a true stand out was ‘Restless Sons’, the trippy synthesizer echoing through the venue, sending it into a hypnotic state. Of course also played was older songs ‘Vessels’ and ‘This Mess’, that opening guitar riff sending everyone into a frenzy. Though to me the album is pretty mint, live is where this band truly shine, tonight being one of the most amazing live performances from the band I have ever seen.  As corny as it sounds, it was a really breath taking experience that will always leave me craving for more.

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