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Best of 2009, so far!

July 6, 2009

I know I have been rather slack lately on the update front, but I have one now! My various favourite things of 2009 so far! Even though we’re only half way through the year there has already been a plethora of amazing music released and many amazing gigs played, and so I thought I’d give a quick run-through of what has been floating my boat the last six months.

IMG_3548Favourite festival – It gets a lot of shit, but I had a brilliant time at this years Big Day Out at Flemington Racecourse. As far as international acts go, it was a bit of a fail, but the Australian acts they had playing were amazing, and added up to me having an amazing day! Beside, the only other festival I really have to compare to it Laneway, and this year’s sucked mega balls. Some of this year’s Big Day Out highlights were Children Collide, Beaches, My Morning Jacket (their sound was amazing! Clear and enchanting), My Disco, The Drones and of course Neil Young.  A close contender was Summertones at the Espy.

Favourite Show – I could not break it down to one, so I had to pick two, both Scare-related (because I just can’t help myself). The first show was the most recent one I blogged about, Wolf & Cub at the Corner hotel, with The Scare and Pets with Pets. It was one of the most amazing shows  IMG_5061I have been to ever, let alone the first half of the year! All involved played magnificently, making it one of those nights I will never forget. It was magic to hear the songs of ‘Science and Sorcery’ live, as well as The Scare sharing the new songs off of the new album soon to come. The second equal-first show was the Scare’s 2am slot at Pony back on the 16th (17th) of May. It was a crazy bunch of people crammed into the small band room, watching this hectic punk rock band play there songs without a care in the world. It was one of the most energetic, intimate performances I have ever been in, amplified by the fact of was played at 2am in the morning!

Favourite Film -  My favourite film of the year so far is Fired Up. It is about two girl-hungry fired_up_poster high school football players who skip out on football camp to join the cheerleading squad, as to be sent to cheerleading camp instead, only not to cheer, but to pick up the ladies! It sounds incredibly lame, and I thought so also, but a film has not made me laugh as hard as Fired Up has in a  every long time. It has some moral themes, like all those American teen films have to have, but this film is a step up from that, almost a spoof of the typical American Cheerleading film. The humour is constant and surprisingly clever and the laugh-out-loud moments are forever coming one after the other. I think it is coming out on dvd soon, and so if you want a good, funny film, Fired Up is my number one suggestion.

Favourite album – My favourite album this year so far would have to be the new Kasabian album, ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’. This album has everything happening for it, in my opinion. It is the ideal rock album, full of energy with distorted guitar and lyrics to can sing long to, though it is sly and intelligent, with strategic use of keyboard and synthesizer to give it that kasabian-west-rider-pauper-lunatic-asylum dance-able appeal.  The album is not only a collection of great songs, but this giant concept of soundscapes that can be listened to constantly as one giant work of art. Speaking of art, the cover artwork is amazing! The band say that each song represents a character, stuck in this ‘West Ryder pauper Lunatic Asylum’, in which each band member is also trying to represent on the cover. It’s quirky, dark and pretty weird, but they have done an amazing job!

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