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July 7, 2009

This is the sort of music that inspires me to (attempt to) make music. The stunning simplicity and brilliant song writing and lyrics of Melbourne’s Seagull, plus his unique vocals help him stand apart from other folksters doing similar things. If I ever release something that sounded half as good as any of Seagull’s tracks I would be very happy.

“Spear” shows Chris Bolton’s interest in apocalyptic language and sparse soundscapes. His vocal style is distinctly Australian but restrained and kept low in the mix. Importantly Bolton has a keen ear for melody and hooks. “Spear” rides a simple melody like the tide, as the twinkling piano is slowly joined by soft guitar and eventually a full range of sounds but strangely it never feels cluttered or overbearing.

More direct is “Dust Storm”, starting off in full swing with plinking acoustic guitar and weaving strings over simple drums. Again Bolton is vaguely modern and apocalyptic, almost muttering “dust storm rolls in over the West Gate bridge” as the opening line. It’s so uniquely Melbourne but the vast instrumentation gives it a worldly quality and depth. 

Seagull is playing along with Kid Sam and others at the Two Bright Lakes showcase this coming Sunday at the Newton Workers Club in Fitzroy.

"Spear" mp3
"Dust Storm" mp3

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