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Year One (2009)

July 7, 2009


Holy crapola this is a terrible film. This piece of diabolic cinema history only drew one small laugh from me throughout the whole hour and 40 odd minutes that I had to sit in it and that was from a the bloopers which were shown at the end of the movie. “Year One” basically tries too hard to put on the some sort coherent story together when in reality this film is a whole heap of sketchy skits woven together with some sort of attachment to it that may resemble a movie. Additionally both Jack Black and Michael Cera don’t do anything worth noting at all. It’s just the same ol’ boring characteristics that you more or less know them for. Black is simply trying to shout out his scripted jokes while Cera just looks mopey while mumbling lines that make him out to be loser-ish.

The script doesn’t help the movie along either, which is just uncomfortable to watch and makes the movement of the plot so hatched and stupid. It’s so damagingly awkward that it made me wonder after my cinema experience why actors decide to take on projects like this in the first place. if these people are somehow our ancestors, I’m moving to another planet and changing my lineage.


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  1. Nick permalink*
    July 7, 2009 3:39 pm

    noooooooo I liked this movie if only for its sheer stupidity.

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