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July 12, 2009

Robbers have been announced as supports on Brand New’s most recent tour throughout the US and it’s not hard to see why. Each band has distinctly different sounds but share a love of creating swirling guitar lines and impressive haunting soundscapes. Plus they are both from Long Island. Robbers push their sound in a different direction than Brand New though, with more experimentation in their song structure and production rather than simply trying to write concise emotional pop songs.

“Stay Together” is part post-rock, or maybe part post-hardcore, with a killer falsetto. The guitars sound like a looser Minus the Bear or Appleseed Cast, but the vocals soar high above the mix with some beautiful melodies and religious tinged lyrics. There’s even a spoken word breakdown which isn’t as annoying as you would think. “Stay Together” never really moves from second gear but as cruisy experiment in melody and guitar it sure as hell works.

Where as “Eager” sounds darker, with its processed drum beat and meandering guitar lower in the mix. Vocals try and match the rhythm instead of floating above the instruments. The bass fades in and out to create tension subtly. Again this never really outwardly rocks until the outro but it doesn’t need too. It is a darkly smooth experiment that works. Expect good things from this band.

"Stay Together" mp3
"Eager" mp3
(Both taken from the Flesh EP)
Official Myspace

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