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Yves Klein Blue – ‘Ragged and Ecstatic’ (2009)

July 27, 2009

June saw the release of Yves Klein Blue’s debut full-length album, “Ragged and Ecstatic”. Though not a great improvement on their ‘08 ep, ‘Draw Attention to Themselves’, it is full of what YKB fans have come to expect from the Brisbane quartet, light-hearted pop songs, laced with bouncy tempos and witty lyrics. Debut single from the record is ‘Getting Wise’ is the ultimate snapshot of what the album is all about and a perfect example of the YKB’s ingenious ability to write uplifting pop songs you can’t help but sing along to.

‘Digital Love’; a definite stand out on the album is a dirty and distorted number with front man Michael’s vocals sounding sleazier than usual, enhancing the general snide appeal to the song. The acoustic guitar is pulled out for ‘About the Future’ though fits in flawlessly amongst the animated pop songs. Personal favourite ‘Summer Sheets’, boasting “When we make love it’s like a great conversation/where we always end up”, is a perfect example of the cheeky wit the band posses.

Making an appearance is ‘Polka’, a song that gained a fair amount of rotation on their first ep, still sounding just as fresh amongst the new batch of songs as it did 12 months ago. It’s not a brilliant album and in no way paving any sort of ‘new way’ for the band, but a good, solid debut demonstrating all that the band have to offer to their audience. Not many pop albums released today have even half of the intelligence that I feel Ragged and Ecstatic clearly presents.


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