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Andrew Jackson Jihad

July 28, 2009

Andrew Jackson Jihad AJJ
Last year I was a little bit crazy about these guys, with good reason, and now I can continue my love affair because they have a new album out soon and it’s pretty great. On Can’t Maintain, they sound more like a band instead of just two guys playing in a bathroom (no homo) but jeeeez they can still right some good straightforward songs. I’ll be lazy and compare their sound to bands you already know… they sound like a punk rock Neutral Milk Hotel, or they sound like an angrier Mountain Goats. Sometimes they sound like The Lawrence Arms. They sound angry, smart and a little bit punk.

“Evil” examines the inner workings of the brain that no one would admit to. Or maybe it’s a fictionalised account of a crazy’s persons thoughts. Depends how crazy you think you are. The acoustic guitar sounds spontaneous and is fleshed out with soft horns while the vocals have that modern American folk twang to them. “I will always appreciate bad days like this because they grant me a point of reference in regards to my happiness”

“We Didn’t Come Here to Rock” takes a stab at critics, bloggers and all those fuckers judging art everywhere. Possibly me. But it’s satirical enough to avoid bitterness and the punk as fuck guitar is almost a brilliant joke. Just another reason to love this band. It’s a good song too, with the flesh of it barely running over a minute.

"Evil" mp3
"We Didn’t Come Here to Rock" mp3

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  1. thegutterpipe permalink
    July 29, 2009 12:22 am

    I remember when I first heard of these guys. I was in a hot topic and I decided to pick up there album, “People who get to eat people are the luckiest people of all”, because the cover art was intriguing. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally heard it. I also liked the real raw sound of it that does sound like it was recorded in a bathroom. Definitely gonna check out the new cd. Great post guys

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