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Craig McElhinney – You And Me Are Young And Brutal (2009)

July 28, 2009


Craig used to be a part of hard rock / metal outfit Eleventh He Reaches London, which garnered quite a following over in the West (if not the rest of Australia), but when he left to pursue a solo outing this was somewhat out of left field. Following in the steps of people like Sunn O))) or even early records by Earth, Craig gives us a soundscape of tunes which envelop the ears. Spiraling into an abyss which is dark and morose, we hear at times lonely sounds that recall some sort of weird tripped out film – equivalent of an LSD fueled film from the 70’s, but only made in today’s time.

I couldn’t stop thinking how this album was particularly like a solo record by a member of The Necks in its repetitive style, with music that constantly loops and loops forever much in the same way that trio does. Obviously this is slightly more minimalistic and different sound wise, but the technique I feel is very similar. It draws the listener in to a black hole of sound which sounds as if it expansive into the musical ether. The seventeen minute “Theme For Precipitation” is the purest example of this.

Interesting to note that sounds like this out of Perth seems to be developing into quite a scene. Apricot Rail’s instrumental meanderings seem to be getting on the like lists of many as well.

Craig McElhinney myspace

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