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Dananananaykroyd – Hey Everyone! (2009)

July 30, 2009

If the Blood Brothers and the View were to breed, the result would most likely be something along of the lines of Dananananaykroyd (pronounced Dana-nana-naykroyd) and their debut album Hey Everyone!. Coining the genre ‘fight pop’ for themselves, it is a description that fits the band and their 2009 effort perfectly. The band appear to have a lot of novelty features working for them; weird name, catchy genre and two drummers belting it out on stage, though the album stands up to the hype and hysteria.

The album is laced with screaming vocals and aggressive guitar, though present is this constant up-beat anthem-like appeal, each song energetic enough to stand on its own and be screamed along to. The album opens with the minute and a half “Hey Everyone”, easing you into what they have to offer and touching on all the elements their sound brings together. Pop, static guitar and loud rolling drums, before leading into “Watch Out!” in which they give the listener Blag Flag-goes-pop lesson on how to say their name. My favourite, “Black Wax” is a great sing-a-long number, the vocals a little more audible than on other songs, with a bouncy pop guitar rhythm. The songs on Hey Everyone swing between At The Drive-In-esque punk songs to these light brit pop numbers seamlessly, each just as catchy as the last. It’s a great solid album that is listenable all the way through without stopping.
Best Before/Dew Process

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