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The Paper Scissors with Ernest Ellis @ East Brunswick Club 1-08-09

August 3, 2009

paper scissors
Ernest Ellis kicked off my first visit to the East Brunswick Club and played a pleasant set of non-offensive rock songs. They worked best when fleshed out by the rest of the band letting loose, especially with keys adding some atmosphere.  Frontman (presumably) Ernest, has quite a voice that he used to push his band above others doing the same thing.  There was quite a distance between them and the crowd but by the end they did a good job of warming up the venue with some good song writing and a few little twists here and there. Not the most original work but they did a nice job of it.

The Paper Scissors, now operating as a three piece, bravely opened with their new single “Howl”, on which they are touring on the back of. It was a surprise to hear it right of the bat but the crowd responded well before the band launched into a few more of their radio friendly hits. What soon became apparent was just how good drummer Ivan Lisyak is. Lifting these pop rock songs up into new exciting places with sheer skill, energy and originality. Throughout the set Lisyak was the shining beacon in the band and songs worked best when they were based around his complex patterns.

Frontman Jai Pyne did his best to get the crowd involved, although his enthusiasm for everyone to “clap their hands already” may have been mistaken for whinging. He did seem pretty mad at all the people in the back talking but was able to overcome this annoyance and provide some guitar hooks and even jumped onto a spare drum to provide an intense ending jam. They finished their set of jaunty pop rock tracks with upcoming single “Time” which sounds like it could be a big radio hit for them as the crowd seemed to be loving it and singing alone by the end. It was stuck in my head afterwards too.

Ernest Ellis Myspace
Paper Scissors Myspace

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