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Some bands I saw last week…

August 17, 2009

grand salvo new 
So I went to see a lot of music last week. I should probably write about them here in this crazy short format.

Red Ink @ Monash University Airport Lounge, Clayton  12-08-09
Red Ink sound kind of like every popular indie rock band of the last few years all combined into one generic ball of energy. They are not bad, not really, but they aren’t really interesting. Lead Singer writhed and jumped while yelping some pop lyrics into his microphone while the rest of the band busted out some power pop hooks and looked pretty cool. The band seemed put off while performing during daylight hours and the crowd were mostly quietly interested.

Nick Huggins with Patinka Cha Cha @ Bar Open, Fitzroy 12-08-09
Patinka Cha Cha, despite having a name that took me a long time to remember, are quite memorable. I remember seeing them last year at the Tote front bar when they were operating as a duo and liking their looped guitar and vocal arrangements. Last week they had a huge band providing all sorts of twee backing for their array of looping indie pop songs. They have certainly improved and are full of interesting ideas.

Nick Huggins sounds a lot like his label and production mate Seagull, which is fine by me. He was supposed to be playing with his band Touch Typist but they all cancelled so it was up to Nick and his laptop and electric guitar to impress us. He did. Half spoken, half sung minimal folk songs with brilliant introspective and observational lyrics. All so perfectly Australian.

Dappled Cities with Yacht Club DJs and Philadelphia Grand Jury @ Karova Lounge, Ballarat 14-08-09
Philadelphia Grand Jury started things off well with their stripped back folksy pop rock songs. Even with no stage banter (a computer talks to the crowd) these guys have a great relationship with audience and really are the sort of band that deserves the term “infectious”. That “standing in the shadow of a ghost” chorus is so damn good.

Having some DJs provide a support set for a rock band is sort of weird but after the hometown heroes asked everyone to move closer to the stage they seemed to have a fun set. They are pretty bloghouse (am I using this term correctly?) with their Girl Talk influenced set of mashed up pop tunes and nostalgic hits. They are good at what they do but when I saw them over six months ago they played a nearly identical set. New mixes please guys.

Dappled Cities will forever be in my mind associated with summer and driving with the windows down. This isn’t such a bad thing when it’s freezing outside and the band are powering through their shimmering artsy pop jams. Playing a good mix between old and new and pulling off a great version of “Vision Bell”, they seemed pretty glad to be there and played a fun well rounded set.

Grand Salvo @ Fairfax Studios, Melbourne 15-08-09
So this was pretty amazing. Paddy Man was fronting a ten piece band in the very classy Fairfax Studios at the Melbourne Arts Centre. Felt kind of out place cause I was wearing dirty jeans and a hoody while everyone else was sipping red wine and talking about the generic structure of the average pop song. I think everyone was equally impressed by how good it was though.

His majestic folk songs sound infinitly better when fleshed out by haunting backing vocals, piano, violins and other beautiful stuff. Seriously, from the moment the set started I was in awe with my jaw dropping multiple times. The arrangements were astounding and even when playing alone Mann is amazing. A mournful version of “Bear” was played solo and was mind blowing.

The heartfelt nostalgic “Needles” was another highlight with some amazing harp playing. Most of the set was made up of tracks from new album Soil Creatures, with a couple of older songs thrown in near the start and the end. Even though Zoe Randell was overseas this was still the greatest I have seen Grand Salvo be. One of the best shows I’ve ever been too and I look forward to the next time Paddy Man gets the whole family together again to produce another incredible show.

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  1. Philippe permalink
    August 18, 2009 10:57 am

    Of course! Grand Salvo! :P

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