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The National Living Treasures – Self Titled (2009)

August 17, 2009

Multi-instrumentalist Simon Starr’s brain-child, The National Living Treasures newest release, a self titled double album is full of fun and surprise, and picture-perfect pop songs. With lyrics about anything and everything imaginable, there is an unusual quirky quality to the album that is uplifting, and one to sing along to.
Disc number 1 opens with “Anchor”, 3 minutes and 20 seconds that ultimately encapsulate everything the album is about – bouncy piano melody and drum beats, with light and simple harmonies behind the lead vocals giving the songs this perfect pop sensibility. “Fuck the Zeitgeist” is this bluesy rock and roll number, guitar-driven and bass heavy, sounding as if it’s straight from a 1970’s rock band, though still maintaining that ‘summer soundtrack’ appeal. “Faking it” takes it down a notch with slow, rolling drums and melancholic keyboard, like some New Orleans jazz club number, slow and sorrowful. “I Really love You” is another stand out track, with a reggae-esque beat and just another example if the genre boundaries this album is so adamant on bending.
Though the whole album is fantastic, I feel that releasing it as 2 discs is a little too much. There is a novelty of it being a double album, but it would have been better if the two were released as two separate albums, leaving less room for distraction from the listener. I found me continually listening to the first disc, before eventually remembering I had disc number 2 still to give a spin.
All-in-all this will be a great album for those summer road trips, the perfect pop album for holidays!


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