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Dick Diver

August 31, 2009

dick diver
Has everyone in Melbourne seen Dick Diver live yet? Cause I’m getting sick of people looking at me funny when I tell them to see that band with “dick” in their name. See them for yourself and realise that despite the kind of naff name they are quickly becoming one of Melbourne’s finest bands.

The wonky guitar lines are probably more thought out then they appear to be, gently swirling in and out while the off kilter rhythm section do their best to make you feel uneasy. It’s kind of like being on a boat at sea while listening to some post-punk, probably with Captain Cook leading the way. Live they add a pop sensibility to their guitar jams that sets them apart from other Melbournites doing similar things and is extremely engaging. I wish they would hurry up and release an EP or something though. Get a live bootleg over here thanks to Seancemascara.  

"Tender Years" mp3

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