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Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music (1975)

August 31, 2009


There’s a distinct musical bravery endured when you get to the fourth track of this CD. A bravery that can’t be described as honourable or respectable. It’s a type bravery that can only be described as idiotic.

Metal Machine Music is the most finest example of what being too avant garde can be. For the uninitiated – and how could you be? There’s too much written about this album that it really is sickening – this album can simply be summed up as four “songs” of constant feedback, looping and noise. No vocals, no melody, nothing except a guitar leaned up against a amp and letting the feedback flow. Someone, somewhere, was really on too much drugs when making the concept of this album complete. Whether it was Lou Reed himself, or the music industry heads who decided to release this, I suppose all you can say is that it is an exercise on pushing the public (or an exercise in fulfilling contracts more like it, as at the time his record company contract had some weird stipulation to release whatever record he gave them). This, being the sadistic individual that I am, evidently got me intrigued about the so-called unlistenable album of all time.

I’m really not too sure if this album deserved of it’s many “worst album ever” ranking on the many other pieces of writing you find around the joint. I suppose the real intrigue I have about this album lies in he whole idea of what drove someone, who had some built cred with The Velvet Underground and release a masterpiece in Berlin, to just say fuck it, I’m doing what I want and shredding my integrity with this piece. That, in a way that deserves a small amount of praise as well as a small place on my CD shelf, despite it in the pure horrendous shit pile of music that is this album.

This weirdo thinks this album was awesome. Read about it and then weep.
Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music (but seriously, don’t bother unless you really have some issues and think you are going to an asylum. Listening to this album will reassure you that there are people more insane than you in this world)

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