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Ben Folds w/Oh Mercy @ Sydney Opera House, 31-8-09

September 7, 2009

As pumped as I was for this gig, I got the distinct feeling that I was the least excited of everyone I knew going. Apparently Ben Folds is one Popular Guy. And as much as I’ve enjoyed his music on CD, seeing him live really showed my why that is. He has an amazing ability to continuously enthrall a crowd, even in a place such as the Opera House, which is about as sparse as you get for a live music venue.

Mostly just him and his piano, with a short stint from some bongo-playing students, he belted out a good range of songs from not only his solo career, but his Ben Folds Five days too, with epics such as Not the Same and a hilarious Rockin’ the Suburbs. Oh, and how could I forgot his cover of Such Great Heights? *swoon* The only thing I could’ve picked was that You Don’t Know Me really (really) needs Regina Spektor, or at least some sort of female vocals. There are just some things you can’t really pull off singlehandedly.

Supporting were Melbourne band Oh Mercy, who I really enjoyed. They seemed to somehow play nice pop songs with a rock persona, or something like that. Odd, but charming.

Ben Folds MySpace
Oh Mercy MySpace

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