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The Scare – ‘Oozevoodoo’ (2009)

September 8, 2009

In The Scare’s sophomore release, Oozevoodoo, we finally hear a coming of age. Left behind is the weird emo-hybrid of the past and what is left is an edgier, dirtier album that truly lets the band shine and it’s listeners dance in all of its punk rock glory. Though songs have a tiny bit more of a ‘radio-friendly’ appeal, they are still reckless, sharp and as raucous as ever, laced with up-beat rhythms and catchy chants that force you to dance and sing along. Five years in and the Sydney-based boys seem to have finally found their groove.

The album opens with “Could Be Bad”, containing bits and pieces of what makes this album what it is- catchy, distorted guitar riff and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Bizarre love song (of sorts) “She Can’t Say No” has this infectious beat and a mantra-like chorus you can scream along to. “Surgeon” is this anthemic number, with poppy undertones but still jagged and abrasive. Track number six is charger, a little bit chiller than the rest, and featuring the backup talents of Bridezilla vocalist Holiday Sidewinder and one of the most intriguing guitar work I’ve heard in a while. The album closes with my personal favourite, “Cry”, chanting the words ‘Who told you not to believe in yourself’, though not entirely the point of the song, feels empowering and energetic!

There are some moments of lyrical genius (‘We clunked our skulls together, like their made of metal and my words were magnets’) and matched with the twisted, manic music backing it all up and the exuberant attitude the band posses, finally the boys have a record that represent what they are all about.

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