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Future of the Left Australian Tour

September 16, 2009

future of the left
No doubt everyone’s heard of Future of the Left by now? You know, the remnants of the fuzzed out Mclusky who now play kinda the same music but also a bit different.  They’re touring Australia very early next year alright. I’m aiming to be at one their shows as these guys put on quite a spectacle at Golden Plains on their first visit here and they have recently released their second, and possibly even more solid than their first album, Travels with Myself and Another.

Sometimes its good to turn up your shitty computer speakers and blast some goddamn uncomplicated rock music. Future of the Left have their guitars to the max, couldn’t care less how distorted it sounds and have a knack for chunky, catchy, fuzzy riffs.  Andy Falkous spits venom down the microphone with enough cleverness to separate himself from the punks out there who wish they were half as smart. Occasionally he’s pretty funny too. “Arming Eritrea” feels like it was made for a shout along in a sweaty packed club full of hipsters and skinheads, a perfect blend of aggression and melody. Turn it up loud mofos.

Aus tour dates
New Years 2010 – Falls Festival Lorne and Marion Bay
3rd of January – The Zoo, Brisbane
7th of January – The Annadale, Sydney
8th of January – Corner Hotel, Melbourne
8-10 January – Southbound Festival, Perth

“Arming Enteria” mp3

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