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October 7, 2009

Over the past 12 months or so I’ve fallen in love with pretty much all of the acts on Melbourne’s Two Bright Lakes. Think Seagull, Kid Sam, Nick Huggins et all. They all share similar indie sounds and the band members love playing in each other bands, but thankfully each act manages to sound fresh and separate from all their label brethren. Psuche is another great addition to one of the best independent labels in the country.

Psuche is fronted by Oscar Slorach Thorn and Martin King, while sometimes others flesh out the group. The “free pop ensemble” create swirling messes of analogue and electronic noise, all with a strong pop backbone, that are carried by Thorn’s crooning warm vocals. “Upskirt” builds from a clunky opening beat and vocal hook into a warm full-bodied electronic soundscape; whirs and clinking crystals move from speaker to speaker while Thorn pours his abstract heart out over the mix. “Lions Blood” is the is the odd one out on the album, with a hooky melody repeated over some cute ukulele strumming and tricky production. Check out their self titled debut that was released earlier this year.  It is quite good.

“Upskirt” mp3
“Lions Blood” mp3

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