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Six Organs Of Admittance – School Of The Flower (2006)

October 10, 2009


This is an album of wilting acoustic songs which straddles the line of experimentation and full blown folk music. Six Organs Of Admittance for those not in the know is the main work for guitarist Ben Chasny, who is also a member of Comets Of Fire as well as a few other little projects around the joint. There is a huge body of work which he has brought out, and he seems pretty prolific especially in the latter part of this decade (There have been another 3 albums brought out since this one, plus several CD-R’s, 7″, split singles and limited edition vinyls). It indicates quite a work horse ethic and something which needs to be admired as this album is full of quality tracks that make you sway lightly along with it.

The title track is very much the epitome of that description. At 13 or so minutes, the track simply has a nice little acoustic loops which runs throughout, but at the same time we hear a great meld of dark, brooding electric guitar noises that just freak you out and draw you into an investigation of sound. “Procession Of Cherry Blossom Spirits” at the same time is haunting and ghostly and would be a brilliant soundtrack to a stormy day. This is freak folk for uneasy people.

Six Organs Of Admittance – Saint Cloud
Six Organs of Admittance website myspace

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