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The UV Race

October 13, 2009

The UV Race uvrace
Live, The UV Race are one of the most energetic bands in Melbourne. Raw, loud and goddamn fun; these dudes have been kicking around this city for a while and they rule. Combining 80s punk riffs and slurred aussie singing shouting with a garage bent, you could go as far as calling them some kind of weird Black Flag/Eddy Current Suppression Ring combo.

It’s not as derivative as I’m making it sound though. There’s some sleazy saxophone punctuating their guitar driven sound and when they step down the tempo the trebly guitar deliciously floats in mix as if in some almost-forgotten corner of the garage. Lyrically upfront and careless, but never stupid and never falling into the “fuck everything in the whole world” trap that punks often fall into. The UV Race don’t just stick to one formula and there’s a real sense of fun surrounding these guys. Even when they get mad.

"Gore Orphanage" mp3

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