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Cloud Control

October 19, 2009

cloud control
Did a whole generation of indie kids watch the Lion King one too many times? Or at least listen the soundtrack as much as I did? I really can’t think of any other explanation for the rise in semi-African sounding indie pop songs. I mean they all say they like Peter Gabriel or whatever but I think we all know that Simba and his pride are the true inspiration.

It doesn’t really matter where the influence comes from if you have made a pop song as good as “Gold Canary” though, and the Blue Mountain’s Cloud Control have produced one of the smoothest, calming and most delicious Australian songs of the year. Its beauty is its simplicity and subtlety, with those wonderful African style backing chants, sing along lyrics and pulsing bass line. Those handclaps only seal the deal. You’ll probably be hearing this a lot throughout our warmer months.

"Gold Canary" mp3

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