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November 13, 2009


It ain’t a band, it’s a musical experience. Those words are somewhat expressive, so much so that one could expect some sort of extravagant, obtuse listening when hitting play on a DateMonthYear track. This New Zealand three piece run the gamut of genres really. The album Pot/Kettle/Black flows through things country, unabashed silly pop and some sort of chantful gospel. The below tracks are darker and weirder off the album. “Wrong” is the song goths would want to listen to if they ever want to impress the shy indie kid. While P.S.1.4. is a rolling piece of warped dalliance. All up it’s generally hard to classify, which is kind of refreshing in the niche world of music nowadays.

“P.S.1.4.” mp3
DateMonthYear myspace
DateMonthYear website

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