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Nick Huggins

December 21, 2009


I thought I’d ease back into njv with something from a couple of years ago. Nick Huggins has been kicking around Melbourne for a while now, producing albums for his label mates at Two Bright Lakes (aka “Melbourne label of the year”) playing shows and even finding time to create an album of his own. I guess I’m a bit behind on actually listening to this guy’s own music but considering all the great acts he’s involved with this stands up very well on its own.

Sounding similar to Seagull and other understated aussie folk singers, Huggins has a genuine and charming ability to capture moments of Australian suburbia in honest and upfront lyrics. Finding joy in the mundane and beauty in small moments, he has a distinct and gentle voice that soothes and intrigues. Musically he makes use of guitars, banjos and organic sounding electronics to create pop folk soundscapes with fantastic production. Listen to how natural the electronic backbone of “The Movie We Made” feels as Huggins crafts a deceptively complex song out of the seemingly ordinary.

"The Movie We Made" mp3

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