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Ivy St.

January 9, 2010

Ivy St
Nice job Tasmania. Keep spewing forth goodness like this instead of the usual spurts of er… nothing? Just kidding, I’m sure you guys have a tonne of good stuff that you keep to yourselves. I sincerely thank you for Ivy St. though, and the internet for sharing them with us here in the mainland. I’m also glad my neighbour moved out so I can turn my bass to eleven for these dudes.

Ivy St. blast some loud and contemptuous post-punk that makes your windows shake. It’s kind of like My Disco before they got all “arty”. Or perhaps more like your other favourite recent Australia post-punk acts (Tic Toc Toyko, Bachelor of Arts…) but way more raw and gritty. Pounding bass lines, precision drumming and angular guitars, all played through a filter of anger only found in the harsh wilderness of Van Diemen’s land.

"There’s a Whole Lot More that Waits" mp3
"Bright Eyes" mp3

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