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Owen Pallett

January 24, 2010

Owen Pallett png version
Final Fantasy is back with his proper name and a fox new attitude! Possibly. Thanks for dropping the geeky moniker mate cause maybe now people won’t get that confused look in their eyes when they keep seeing your name popping up all over the place. And after this new album your name will be appearing in a lot of places. Owen Pallett is a fine name anyhow.

Pallet has stepped things up a notch with his latest offering. Cleaner, fuller production suits some of his most complex arrangements and most best songs yet. On new album Heartland, he swiftly transforms swirling vortexes of looped violin into stunning and intelligent pop songs while his voice sounds better than ever. “Tryst With Mephistopheles” is a sprawling slice of inventive melodies and sounds while “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” builds and builds over a seemingly simple beat while Pallett sits back and rides the melody into the fucking pocket. I never knew violin could be so diverse and so fun.

"Tryst with Mephistopheles" dl
"Lewis Takes Off His Shirt" dl

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