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Sun Hotel

March 3, 2010

Sun hotel
I think I’m close to hitting that point where you get over “indie rock”. The witty lyrics, the trebly guitars, the third generic thing… perhaps it’s time I moved onto some other style to worship you know? Perhaps my tastes are finally maturing. Sun Hotel kind of remind how great this indie rock can be though. Southern America can be pretty cool.

“Swamp Thing” takes away the soft handed approach to indie rock that has been beat into us via our radios and adds a little grit and humidity. The palm muting, the snarl of the snare in build up to the chorus and the wailing vocals, all triumph over the more restrained reverby verses. Sure there’s wo-ah’s but the song writing is sharp and lyrically strong. The rest of the EP may not quite match power of this track but is still worth a listen. It’s free too.

“Swamp Thing” mp3
Get the EP over here

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