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Childish Gambino

March 15, 2010

Donald Glover, fuck you man. Writing for 30 Rock pretty much straight out of college, made your own movie, starring in the fantastic Community and now you’re a pretty clever rapper? Unfair brah, can you just stick to one thing and stop making everyone else look lazy?

Sure the beats on the this mixtape are barely remixed (that’s the point though right?) with Glover, under his moniker of Childish Gambino, rapping straight over the top of some fairly popular indie tunes. I’m talking about his first mixtape here, “I’m Just a Rapper”, I’m still yet to dl the latest.

Glover’s lyrics are a good mix of serious, clever and laugh out loud funny though as he sends up and sticks with certain rap tropes. Rapping over tracks from artists like Yeasayer, Animal Collective and Sleigh Bells. It’s rough, personal and full of pop culture references; mostly  it’s good fun and Glover has a knack for the words and hooks. I mean he’s rapping over Grizzly Bear “what the fuck”?

"New Prince (Crown On the Ground)" mp3
"I Love Clothes (Deadbeat Summer)" mp3
grab the whole mixtape here

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