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Great Earthquake

April 25, 2010

It seems just playing one instrument just isn’t enough these days. Nor is owning just one. When playing live Melbourne’s Great Earthquake, Noah Symons, has a stage littered with various instruments as well as a full drum kit, all wired into modern indie’s favourite weapon; the loop pedal. Busting out his unique interpretation of a sound not to different too most of Melbourne’s growing pop scene, think Parking Lot Experiments, Love Connection, Rat vs Possum etc.

It’s a good thing he knows how play all those instruments though. It’s intriguing to watch as he builds full bodied songs all on his lonesome. Smooth bass lines and brilliant beats start the songs off but his use of the piano accordion adds great texture and he always manages to pull off some interesting drum fills. Symons has great control over every aspect of his music and delivers it with an impressive controlled precision. His songs impress on record as well and stand up well on their own away from the stage, proving Great Earthquake is not just a loop driven gimmick. 

“Clap! Clap!” mp3
“Words and Images” mp3

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