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Ganging Up

May 7, 2010

I don’t know much about GAYNGS other than says “Gayngs is record producer Ryan Olson’s new music collective/supergroup that is made up of members from bands like Bon Iver, Solid Gold and Lookbook”. Now you know as much as me but I’m guessing they must be some pretty famous dudes (?). I’m not gonna be cool and pretend like I know who Ryan Olson is. I guess I lose blogger points there.

I’m not sold on the whole album yet but a few tracks have that blissed out feel that is pretty hard to capture. “Ride” has this cool twinkling piano solo that blends in the with the pulsing synths and general good vibes. One of those songs you can play really loud or really quiet depending on the situation/your mood.

“Ride” mp3


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