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A Silver Lining

May 11, 2010

Been using my limited electronic knowledge to consume some sick tracks from Brooklyn’s Cloud., lately. Dunno what to say besides it’s fun some cut-up, tripped out, soul inspired hip hop beats with a lot of ideas crashing into each other. Mixed up, all over the place and friggin fun. I just said that though.

One day, when I’m well versed in electronic music/hi hop, I’ll describe it better. He’s got a lot of free stuff up on his Myspace if you want to check it out. Donate if you want.

Cloud. – “She’s Fly (The Hookup)” mp3

Cloud. – “Players Only” mp3


Ganging Up

May 7, 2010

I don’t know much about GAYNGS other than says “Gayngs is record producer Ryan Olson’s new music collective/supergroup that is made up of members from bands like Bon Iver, Solid Gold and Lookbook”. Now you know as much as me but I’m guessing they must be some pretty famous dudes (?). I’m not gonna be cool and pretend like I know who Ryan Olson is. I guess I lose blogger points there.

I’m not sold on the whole album yet but a few tracks have that blissed out feel that is pretty hard to capture. “Ride” has this cool twinkling piano solo that blends in the with the pulsing synths and general good vibes. One of those songs you can play really loud or really quiet depending on the situation/your mood.

“Ride” mp3


Delicious Kisses

May 6, 2010

Hey did you all download that Swan vs Raptor comp from a few weeks ago? If not you probably should. It’s got all the Cool Melbourne Bands, plus others, doing some amazing original tracks and some post-ironic covers such as Lehmann B. Smith’s cover of “Strawberry Kisses”. Oh plus it’s friggin free.

Lehmann takes a fun approach to revamping the apparently not forgotten tween hit. Helium vocals with some deep backing baritone to add flavour. The horns, the bass, it’s almost too much. Sorry to pick the “novelty” song to promote this thing but it’s more than some kids covering a pop hit via indie influences and def stands on its own two feet, plus this guy has some other cool stuff out. I’ll probably be blogging about more artists from this in the next few weeks or whatever.

“Strawberry Kisses” mp3


Childish Lust

May 6, 2010

Loving this cover of last year’s Pop Song of the (American) Summer, Girls’ “Lust for Life”. I’m just a huge fan of Childish Gambino I guess. Starts off all synthy, gets all loud and ends up all freestylin’. Who knew he could sing by the way? Really wanting to indentify with the summer theme more while suffering in what feels like Melbourne’s coldest autumn ever. This makes me feel warm though.

Childish Gambino – “Lust for Life” mp3

official website

Rattus P Rattus

May 5, 2010

I’ve been tripping out over Melbourne’s pop scene a bit this year and previously mentioned art popsters, Rat vs Possum. Well they’re about to drop their debut and it’s damn cool. Making use of all the equipment they could find and busting out sick melodies as well as some infectious instrumental jams.

“War” uses their back and forth vocals stylings for a gooey piece of pop with popping synths, trading melodies and a chilled ethereal atmosphere. The perfect 2 minute opener to a compact and shining debut album. See them launch it down at East Brunswick Club this Saturday night if you’re free.

“War” mp3


Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) @ Northcote Social Club 23-04-10

April 27, 2010

If you take away Gareth’s Liddiard’s shady band mates then it seems you also take away all the mystery surrounding Gareth himself. Playing alone, his usual brooding stage persona is replaced with a warm, funny and genuinely chilled personality.  Happy to explain the meaning behind songs and interact with a very vocal crowd at the bedroom vibed Northcote Social Club. “You smile too much!” yells out one punter, “That’s a truly awful thing to say to someone, it’s like telling someone to stop being happy” replies Liddiard, with a smile on his face before launching into another song.

Playing a set mostly consisting of songs from The Drones it was interesting to hear the loud, full arrangements stripped back to only vocals and guitar. Liddiard is easily able to switch between easy banter and tortured howling without appearing trite. The guitar being his only accompaniment shows what fantastic vocal range he has and really allows the brilliant post-colonial lyrics to shine through.

He did play one new song, assumedly from his upcoming solo album. He explained it was about Charles Blondin, a French tightrope walker who walked across Niagara Falls. It didn’t exactly stray from Liddiard’s typical style but I look forward to hearing a recorded version and looking over the lyrics, something that seemed a little more abstract than usual.

Liddiard played a long set, probably due to him stopping to chat after each song, although luckily his banter was almost as entertaining as the music. It was great hearing stripped back versions of “The Locust” and the sublime “Jezebel”. An entertaining night in with Gareth Liddiard.

The Drones – “Your Acting’s Like the End of the World” mp3

Great Earthquake

April 25, 2010

It seems just playing one instrument just isn’t enough these days. Nor is owning just one. When playing live Melbourne’s Great Earthquake, Noah Symons, has a stage littered with various instruments as well as a full drum kit, all wired into modern indie’s favourite weapon; the loop pedal. Busting out his unique interpretation of a sound not to different too most of Melbourne’s growing pop scene, think Parking Lot Experiments, Love Connection, Rat vs Possum etc.

It’s a good thing he knows how play all those instruments though. It’s intriguing to watch as he builds full bodied songs all on his lonesome. Smooth bass lines and brilliant beats start the songs off but his use of the piano accordion adds great texture and he always manages to pull off some interesting drum fills. Symons has great control over every aspect of his music and delivers it with an impressive controlled precision. His songs impress on record as well and stand up well on their own away from the stage, proving Great Earthquake is not just a loop driven gimmick. 

“Clap! Clap!” mp3
“Words and Images” mp3