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New blog or something

September 12, 2010

Hey dear reader(s), I feel as though this blog has stagnated and I need a fresh start. So I have started a new blog over at Foundation and well, perhaps you should read it. If you would take a minute to subscribe then that would be really really appreciated and I promise I will update it more often and with better stuff than here.

I’ll be leaving this blog here as an archive of aspiring music bloggers.

Brand New May

July 13, 2010

Hey look! It’s my favourite ukulele playing romantic from Mississippi, Dent May! He’s back! Yesterday was one of the warmest days in Melbourne in probably forever so I decided to take the longer route home from work via suburbia while listening to his album and then his new song, “That Feeling”. It’s lovely. One of the “fullest” sounding songs he has recorded with sky high hooks and sugar sweet everything. Just makes you want to step in time to the beat, smile and be happy. Come back to Melbourne soon buddy.

Dent May – “That Feeling” mp3

Love Like Winter

July 12, 2010

Kind of staggering that Wintercoats is the project of just one guy when he creates such a full blown complex sound. Also staggering that something so good could come out of my hometown Ballarat. Even though he only moved there a few years ago, it still counts.

James Wallace makes superb pop songs with his violin, a loop pedal and I’m guessing a few knick knacks. Sounds very Final Fantasy-ish in theory, but Wintercoats has very much its own sound. Wonderfully ethereal, winding and complex: it’s kind of like the perfect way to write modern pop songs. Wallace has extreme control of every aspect here, perfect instrumentation and production with spookily subtle hooks. He is quite adept at spinning a tale of love via endearing similes and metaphors too. Mostly he writes good songs.

You can download his debut Cathedral EP for free(!) over on his tumblr.

Wintercoats – “Unbearable Thinking” mp3

Mother Earth

June 30, 2010

I forget how much I’ve hyped Seagull on this blog but yeah, he rules and is one of the most interesting songwriters in Melbourne. Perfectly capturing the fragility of post-modern suburban Melbourne life with melancholy lyrics and beautifully dark folk instrumentation. Or something.

New song “Grand Mother” from upcoming LP Council Tree, sees a continuation of his subdued style only more condensed, electric and minimal. His nasal aussie vocals rise and fall over a sparse brooding bass line and percussion while limited use of guitar (plus misc instruments) adds lovely texture. Super psyched to see how the album turns out.

Seagull – “Grand Mother” (Radio Edit) mp3

Night Yall

June 12, 2010


It’s been all quiet here on the south eastern blog front but here’s a cool video from a good band named Goodnight Owl, for that song I like, “Maps and Compasses”. Looks nice and again cool to see some images of Victoria outside of the city. Coastal Victoria is a cool place too, guys and suits the vibe of the track’s acoustic/electric Postal Service vibe. Maybe with the aid of this video they will “get big”. They’re launching it at the Workers Club on the 31st of July by the way.

“Maps and Compasses” mp3

Totally Wild

May 17, 2010

Melbourne’s Super Wild Horses exploit my love for rural Victoria with their-much-blogged-about clip for new single, “Golden Town”. Lofi garage pop or something; sounds great and the guitar sounds immense. I’m sure y’all are looking forward to their debut album after seeing them play fun sets all over town recently.

New Jersey Slang

May 12, 2010

The Gaslight Anthem are great because they don’t really give a fuck about fitting into a scene, man. They just want to play good music and write good lyrics. Punk, rock, whatever; it’s all cool with them. Hangin’ in New Jersey, getting hearts broken and playing rock and roll, it’s real life. Real life for people from New Jersey, at least.

They’ve always been a bunch of solid songwriters so it’s a pity that the last album really tripped them with the dodgy AM radio production. The new one is cleaner, smoother and possibly better. Too early to confidently say, as it takes a while for their songs to sink in. They’ve toned down the punk aspect even more but it doesn’t really matter when your busy connecting with Fallon’s lyrics. Right?

The Gaslight Anthem – “The Queen of Lower Chelsea” mp3